About IR Program

International Relations today is a highly respected academic discipline that is complex, dynamic, and rapidly changing. Our program seeks to connect theory with practice by providing students with a quality education coupled with the practical tools necessary to be successful in the real world. The study of International Relations at the IUS enables students to understand and analyse the actors, decision-making processes, and institutions at the local, regional, and international levels.
The field of International Relations is multidisciplinary and it includes history, political science, economics, sociology, philosophy, and anthropology. Some of the more specific areas that our program focuses on:

  • The conditions necessary for peace in the international system
  • The role of international organisations, the great powers and emerging powers in world affairs
  • The role played by personal and group affinities in shaping the identities that bear upon international conflict and cooperation
  • Issues related to integration to the European Union and NATO
  • Contemporary diplomatic issues/crises pertaining to the Balkan Region
  • Foreign policy decision-making process
  • Conflict resolution and analysis

Upon completion of the program, many of our students have continued in graduate studies in top level universities in Europe, Turkey, and the United States. Graduates of our program have gone on to find jobs in respectable international agencies, government, and non-governmental organisations (NGO’s). Many of our students have also found jobs in the private sector that value analytical thinking and the knowledge of foreign languages.

Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria

Ten Reasons why to study International Relations program at the IUS:

  1. One of the best institutions of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which all courses are conducted in the English language
  2. The possibility to receive a minor degree in areas such as Management, Economics, International Business and Finance, Social and Political Sciences
  3. One has an excellent chance to continue in MA studies in universities all over the world
  4. There are low unemployment of our graduates
  5. IUS promotes an International environment: we have professors from the USA, the European Union, Africa, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and students from more than 40 countries
  6. Scholarship for high achieving students
  7. Modern campus and educational infrastructure
  8. Accommodation in student dormitories
  9. Extracurricular activities - student clubs, Diversity day, sport events, visiting of embassies and international institutions
  10. Highly developed network of student exchange programmes that allow our students spend part of their studies at excellent universities in the European Union or in Turkey.

Exchange program networks

Our students have a chance to participate in exchange programs such as Erasmus and Mevlana in the European Union and Turkey.

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