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Coordinator's Message

International Relations

Dear Students,

Welcome to the International Relations (IR) Program at the International University of Sarajevo!


Housed within the Faculty of Business and Administration, the IR program offers a highly collaborative environment where students and professors regularly interact both inside and outside the classroom – in lectures and seminars, research projects, and extra-curricular activities.


The IR core faculty consists of professors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, the USA, Belarus, and Denmark. Our faculty members are not only dedicated educators and mentors but also nationally and internationally recognized in their respective research fields. These scholars are more than willing to share their theoretical and empirical knowledge about international relations with our students.

Program Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr.
Aliaksandr Novikau

The IR curricula are designed to educate and challenge students with diverse backgrounds and interests. The multi-dimensional nature of the IR Program ensures that students are exposed to all kinds of knowledge of paramount importance in today’s globalized world. It also helps our students to become skilled critical, independent thinkers and innovators to tackle current and future global challenges.

Our degrees in International Relations prepare students for a range of career paths. Our recent graduates have pursued their careers in the public and private sectors, international organizations, and further study at the world’s top graduate schools.

The IR Program will embrace productive changes in the coming academic years while remaining true to its core educational and research missions.


Assistant Professor Dr. Aliaksandr Novikau

International Relations Program Coordinator

International Relations

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International Relations

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International Relations

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