MA Program

At the graduate level, the focus of the IR program is on peace and conflict studies and international security. The program offers an opportunity to explore the progressive and comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping the world and the challenges they pose for states and the international community. All students receive training on research methods, main theories of international relations and advanced academic writing.

Lecturers are internationally recognized experts who will help you develop the skills that will help you make an expanded research project on a topic of your choice. We unite the political, economic, social, security and cultural dimensions for the study of international issues and develop the skills of a detailed and critical analysis of international politics, and we introduce you to the latest research in this discipline. Upon completing the studies, you will be able to seek work in various government, international and non-governmental organizations and you will be ready to continue your doctoral program studies.

The program also hosts a highly successful Summer School on Learning from the Past, Transitional Justice, Reconciliation and other associated disciplines.

Scholarships are available to all candidates up to 25 % based on previous academic standing, previous experience and potential contribution to the excellence and development of the program.Scholarships are offered by the Sarajevo Education Development Foundation and are stable for one year plus one more from the date they are offered.

Students may apply for additional scholarships in the course of their studies, both internally and externally.

One-year degree
AQ Austria accredited